Handmade Gifts From The Heart

Have you ever stopped by a craft store, seen a pattern in a book or on the internet, or come across a craft kit that you thought someone you know would absolutely love?  Have you seen something that would look stunning in your own home, or a pattern for a unique baby gift that you wanted to give but thought: "I have no idea how to make this," "I don't have the time to learn how to make this," or "I don't have the time to make this"!?

I have the perfect solution!

I set up this website to sell projects that can be viewed and purchased from the catalog.  I will also provide services for unique items that you want completed.  If you have something in mind, place a personalized order.

I have been making handmade crafts and giving them as gifts for years.  I have been asked numerous times to make items for friends and family to give as gifts.  Now here we are!

This website will help those who enjoy the unique quality and sentimental value that comes with giving a handmade gift. 
                                                                              - Kristal 


   Handmade gifts are gifts
         from the Heart!